skilled analysis providing workable and practical results

Program Evaluation

Few schools districts can afford to maintain professional staff dedicated solely to the design and implementation of program evaluation. While intermediate school districts can meet some needs, there are times where independent process and product evaluation and feedback are needed. Ray.Taylor and Associates offers a solution. Our experienced evaluators have designed and conducted local, state, and federal grant- and foundation-funded program evaluation. Their thoughtful and skilled analysis ensures that the programs and services that you invest in meet their targeted outcomes. This will enable you to make the most informed budget and program decisions. We can supply evaluation information needed to get faulty programs back on track.

Ray.Taylor and Associates will:

  • Help you design and conduct workable and practical program evaluations using sound evaluation design.
  • Conduct evaluations to address the key questions of funders and of program leaders to achieve outcome success and program improvement.
  • Provide process and outcomes evaluation information needed for optimal results.

Strategic Planning

Ray.Taylor and Associates’ comprehensive planning model helps your system develop plans that carry you to your goal. Our plans contain sound and measurable outcomes, Accountability, Monitoring and Reporting steps, and link to the budget and policies needed to effectively carry them out. We believe in smart action, not notebooks.

Ray.Taylor and Associates will:

  • Help you identify the stakeholders and use strategies to engage them in the planning process.
  • Offer tools and strategies to assess your plans for impact
  • Help develop measurable and obtainable actions plans
  • Include follow-up monitoring and reporting strategies and timetables