identify and address critical equity indicators

Ray.Taylor and Associates will design and conduct an audit of your schools and programs to identify equity issues and disproportionality in your schools. We can help you address these AYP indicators with sophisticated data analysis that leads to targeted action to meet your students’ needs and AYP standards. Our audits are designed for action and results. We design Ray.Taylor and Associates services for your unique needs and strive to build your systems’ capacity while keeping our eye on your student and system goals.

Ray.Taylor and Associates will:

  • Work with your leadership team to assemble and train an audit action workgroup and to identify specific areas to be audited
  • Design local strategies, processes and tools
  • Train your team to identify guiding questions and data needs
  • Train your team to collect and assemble data
  • Provide a preliminary report applying measures of association and other statistical tools
  • Scan district procedures, tools, protocol and curriculum for their links to equity and disproportionate outcomes
  • Coach your team to report findings and action plans to your community